$250 Sean's Apparel Shopping Spree

Start date : 11/17/2012

End date : 12/08/2015

Points required for contest : 0 points


Become a VIP for your chance to win gift certificates to the HOTTEST new store in Thousand Oaks- Sean's Apparel, in the Lassen's shopping center, East Thousand Oaks Blvd and Skyline. You could win the GRAND prize... a $250 shopping spree at Sean’s Apparel! Earn points, and win, go to q1047.com to become a VIP member today! 

Contest Rules:
*Win a gift certificates to Sean's Apparel
*Contest Runs from 11/17/12-12/14/12
*Must be 18 and over to win.
*VIP winners will randomly be selected 12/14/12

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